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2024-01-25 ST Agenda Packet


Site Team Agenda Packet, January 25, 2024 Keesa Garcia, Horseshoe Grove Estates CUP 211-24, Conditional Use Permit 211-24 Requesting approval to add six (6) long-term RV spaces, eight (8) mini storage units, and develop additional parking at the existing RV park. 2510 W. 2nd Street, 2510 W 2nd St, 2510 W. Second Street, 2N 13E 33 BC 500 Yulia and Zach Mitchell SPR 542-24, Site Plan Review 542-24 Requesting approval to site and operate a 160 SF drive-thru coffee cart 523 E. 2nd Street, 523 E 2nd St, 523 E. Second Street, 1N 13E 3 AC 700 John Pimentel, Climate GM, LLC SPR 543-24, Site Plan Review 543-24 Requesting approval to site and construct a 150' x 120' x 55' tall metal building with two 36' x 47' x 20' tall rooftop enclosures to house industrial direct air capture equipment. 4375 River Trail Way, 2N 13E 21 C 2400