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2023-01-05 PC Minutes


Planning Commission Minutes January 5, 2023 Election of Officers Quasi-Judicial Public Hearing Conditional Use Permit 206-22, CUP 206-22 Power Constructors, Inc., 3600 River Road, 2N 13E 28 707 Request: Approval to site and construct an electrical ubstation. Approval of the CUP will establish a Community Facilities Overlay on the site. CUP 207-22, RTD Development, LLC, 2514 W. Tenth Street, 2N 13E 32 DB 1100, 2514 W 10th St Request: Approval to site and construct a nine-space Recreational Vehicle (RV) park on a 3 .6-acre parcel. Resolution PC 611-22: Approval of CUP 206-22 Resolution PC 612-22: Approval of CUP 207-22